Boarding is offered at our Chalmette and Metairie locations.

Please familiarize yourself with our boarding policies before your pet's next stay with us.

Check-In & Check-Out:

Since we are available 24 hours, your pets can be checked in or out any time that is convenient for you. 

Cash is accepted as payment after operating hours; however, a credit will remain on your account until it can be redeemed.

For new clients a 50% deposit will be required at drop-off.


Any pet found damaging a condo will be moved into a kennel for their safety. Kennel prices will apply to remaining days.

Any pet exhibiting distress will be moved to medical observation for care. Medical Observation prices will apply to remaining days.


All pets MUST be current on vaccinations to board at PCC.

If administered at another clinic, please provide records from that clinic. By leaving your pet in our care you authorize PCC to administer any absent vaccinations at the owner’s expense if we are unable to verify. The required vaccinations are:

  • DOGS – Rabies (within 1 year) & Bordetella (required every 6 months) CIV strongly recommended
  • CATS – Rabies (within 1 year)

Personal Belongings:
Collars and leashes will be removed upon arrival and left with the owner. PCC provides bedding, leashes and bowls during your pet’s stay. 

PCC will not be responsible for damage or loss of left articles.

Please contact us with any questions. 

"I have a rescue that is high stress and I get nervous about vet visits. Pet Care Center was AMAZING. Was so patient with her. Listened to me. She got all her shots and left with her tail held high with minimal stress. Fantastic experience (as fantastic as a dr's visit can be =)"

Victoria M