Pet Patient Portal

We are proud to offer 24/7 access to your pet's latest medical records and prescriptions using our online portal and mobile app.

By using the PetPage app or online portal, you can easily view upcoming procedures and services for your pet, manage appointments, and request prescription refills.

Portal FAQ & Resources

Where can I download the PetPage app?

The PetPage app can be downloaded for  Android  or  iPhone .

How do I access the pet portal from my computer?

If you prefer to access the pet portal through your web browser on your computer, tablet, or phone, you can click here.

Can I use both the PetPage app and Online Portal?

Yes. Your account will allow you to log into both services.

Am I required to use the portal?

No. While we do find that the PetPage app and online portal are useful to our customers, you are welcome to contact us.

"Thank you for seeing my dog Sam same day I called. Thank you for working with me on the cost!!! I finally started working again and would have had a difficult time paying the rent (which was a THING). You kindly worked with me on the cost, which I am so grateful for. But more than that, you were kind, caring & warm, and really connected with me and Sam. Thank you so so much!!"

Daphne H